Quick hit: ARod runs the bases

Well, this is good news, I think. It has been reported that Alex Rodriguez ran the bases for the first time since his hip surgery in January. Andy McCullough of the Star Ledger wrote about Joe Girardi giving a "state of the injured and rehabbing players" report yesterday in Anaheim and he mentioned that Rodriguez ran the bases, only at 75% but there were no issues, which is really good news. As I wrote this morning, it seems as though every injured player has returned and has promptly gotten re-injured.

In a way, I almost don't want the guys who haven't played an inning this year - Rodriguez and Derek Jeter - to come back because it's almost guaranteed that some fluke injury will befall them.

By the way, Girardi predicted Francisco Cervelli to be the first to return but also doesn't want anyone to bet on that...