It's Sunday morning, do you know where the Yankees offense is?

Greetings my fellow Yankees fans. I hope this weekend has treated you well so far. I'd like to extend my apologies for not posting recaps of the past two games. I fell asleep early on Friday night - truthfully, my body probably knew the Yankees weren't going to score more than two runs - and yesterday, I was in Staten Island for media day, hanging out with the baby bombers and then ventured into Manhattan. I didn't get home from the city until nearly 12:30 a.m. and by then, I just wanted to pass out.

So, like I asked in the title of this post? Do you know where the Yankees offense is?

I certainly don't.

After my journey to Staten Island - I will have a full report on that later today - I joined some friends to watch the Yankees take on the Angels and it was the same old nonsense. The Yankees score two runs and that's all they can muster. I guess it's better than being shutout every night but something has got to give. There's only so many times we can take seeing the team get a guy get into scoring position, like Ichiro who got to third with no outs, and end up being stranded.

And I realize this Yankees' team is not your usual Yankees team but how hard is it to hit a fly ball? Apparently impossible without it being a pop out toward the Angels dugout.

The Yankees are now in the midst of a five-game losing streak and are plummeting back down to Earth after a pretty nice start. Maybe they need a series with Toronto, followed by a series with Cleveland to get back on track. Those seem to be the only teams they can beat with regularity.

It's actually astounding to watch. And in some ways, the 18-inning game against Oakland is pretty much a snapshot of how this season is playing out.

One of my friends mentioned yesterday that it seems like everything went to hell in a handbasket after Derek Jeter broke his ankle in the ALCS last year. When you think of all of the injuries the Yankees have suffered since then it's as if someone has a voodoo doll and every time Yankee fans think they're getting someone back, they get injured again. It's happened with Curtis Granderson, it's happened with Kevin Youkilis and now it's happened with Mark Teixeira who was taken out of yesterday's game because his injured wrist was barking again. He's going to be visiting Dr. Ahmad tomorrow which is not a good thing.

Is this karma for all of the successful years the Yankees have had since the early 90's? Is this a product of the terrible offseason the Yankees front office had? Is it A-Rod's fault? (Kidding.)

Whatever this is, it's not fun to watch. I can't even get excited when the Yankees score a couple of runs or when they take a lead because it's pretty much guaranteed that the opposing team will tie the game during their half of the same inning and never look back.

When the west coast trip started, I lamented about how much I loathe them. Well, the Yankees and their inept offense have made me hate west coast trips even more.

(As always, feel free to vent in the comments. I know we have a lot of angst to release. You can think of it as group therapy for weary Yankees fans.)