Heading to Staten Island

So, tomorrow is Media Day at Richmond County Bank Ballpark, home of the Staten Island Yankees and guess who will be there? You guessed it. Moi! Now, I'm new to this sort of thing. I've never covered a team as a member of the press with locker room and pressbox access so being able to talk to players and coaches will be interesting for me. And I've only been blogging about baseball for three years so while I am really looking forward to the opportunity, I'm also quite nervous about it. I don't expect any mishaps, at least not on media day. Truthfully, I'll be standing back and letting other people - i.e the more seasoned reporters - do the hard stuff. I just really want to get to know the ballpark, the players and coaches.

I went to one game in Staten Island, two years ago and this is after I lived in Staten Island for a year and only five minutes from the ballpark. Yeah, I know.

I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something on my own in the nearly two hour trip to Staten Island from my house but I thought it would be cool to have you participate as well. So if any of you have questions you would like for me to ask the coaches or players please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

I won't be covering every single game this summer but I try to be in Staten Island at least once a week, as my schedule allows and I am hoping that this will be a fun experience for all of us.

Here's their roster for now - I'm sure it will be changing and a link to their schedule.