Where has all the offense gone?

Read this and weep: http://twitter.com/Cephster/status/345177746076483585

I'll give you a moment to catch your breath and calm down.

Better now? Okay.

So the Houston Astros, a team that is currently 23-44 on the year and that is sitting 17 games back in the American League West division is now nipping on the Yankees' heels in runs. Those same Yankees are currently three games in back of Boston for the lead in the American League East division.

How they've been able to pull off what they've been able to accomplish so far in 2013 is nothing short of a miracle. The amount of injuries they've had to overcome and that they are still dealing with is astounding. Lesser teams would be be broken and would call it a year. But not the Yankees.

And it's a good thing Mark Teixeira and Kevin Youkilis are coming back because-- Oh, they are back? How would we know that Youkilis is even back with the team when he's hitting .179/.233/.286 in June?

So much for reinforcements.

The other day, Chad Jennings of the Lohud Yankees Blog posted the offense's stats over a seven day period and it was not pretty at all. The only guys hitting were Brett Gardner, Chris Stewart and Jayson Nix. Robinson Cano has been in a three-week funk and last night marked the team's fifth straight game without a home run - something they hadn't done since 2006.

So far in June, the Yankees offense has been abysmal. Jason Cohen of Pinstriped Bible took at look at the numbers and, well, they're not pretty:

Now in June, the Yankees have hit .238/.306/.347 with only seven home runs while accumulating only 0.3 WAR so far and placing 22nd in the the league. Vernon Wells is hitting .133/.161/.133, Kevin Youkilis .179/.233/.286, David Adams .133/.133/.133, and Ichiro .233/.303/.233.

Look at that last number in the first slash line, the .347. That's the team's slugging percentage. SLUGGING. As in the big hits, home runs, extra base hits, etc. They're just not happening.

The Yankees hit 26 home runs in April and 27 in May. And unless they really start to get going, they'll be lucky to hit 20 in the month of June. They've also had 10 games this season in which they did not have an extra base hit.

That's pretty scary.

Inserting guys like David Adams and Austin Romine into the lineup hasn't helped. Adams started off well but seems to have dropped off a cliff and hasn't had a hit since June 1.

And poor Vernon Wells started off great in April, batting .300 for the month. He dropped off a bit in May batting only .221 but in June, he's batting less than my weight in college (.133).

Everyone knew the Yankee offense would struggle this year, even before Derek Jeter re-injured his ankle and Teixeira's wrist decided to pop just before the start of the World Baseball Classic but these numbers are snuggle with your blanket because you just had a night terror scary.

And the Yankees cannot go on like this. They can't wait for Jeter to show up and for Teixeira's "April" to end. If they do, they'll be battling the Miami Marlins for futility.

(Special thanks to Paula Cole for the inspiration for the title of this post.)