Four years ago tonight: "He dropped the ball!"

Where were you when Luis Castillo dropped the ball?

I was in my bedroom, not watching the game but keeping track of it on Twitter. I don't even remember why I wasn't watching. Maybe my loathing for the Subway Series started back then. Of course, when I saw everyone's reactions to what happened, most of which consisted of tweets like, "OH MY GOD!" "NO WAY!" "HOLY SH*T!!!!", I ran downstairs to watch the replay to see it for myself.

After I watched as Castillo shuffled his feet and dropped the ball, I just started laughing.

And laughed some more.

It was such a "That's so Mets" moment. Michael Kay's call of the play was pretty hilarious because I really thought he was going to pop a blood vessel or something. The guys on SNY (who you hear in the clip above) seem to be exasperated with the team.

Even Jerry Manuel, who was the manager at the time, barely flinched when Castillo dropped the ball. And Alex Rodriguez, who hit what would have been the game-ending pop up, seemed embarrassed by what had transpired.

That one moment encapsulated the 2009 season for both teams. The Mets finished 70-92 and in fourth place in the National League East while the Yankees captured their 27th World title.