Game 64: Games from the West Coast

I loathe west coast road trips. And I realize loathe is a pretty strong word but it's true. I really don't like having to wait for the games to start, I don't like having to stay up to watch the games - I'm actually falling asleep as I'm writing this post - and I don't like the wait between any off days that may fall during the trip and the actual games themselves. The wait between Sunday's game and tonight's was excruciatingly long.

I also know that this happens every year. The Yankees have to go to the west coast and they usually have an extended road trip on that side of the country but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

So far, the Yankees are 4-1 on the trip which is a nice surprise having taken three out of four from Seattle. That's a good start. Of course, things aren't getting easier with this three-game set against the A's and a three-game set with the Angels this coming weekend.

Tonight, CC Sabathia is looking for his seventh win of the season. His adversary tonight is old friend Bartolo Colon who already notched his seventh win of the season. Colon is 7-2 in 2013 with a 3.14 ERA while Sabathia is 6-4 on the year and coming off a complete game victory in his last start against the Indians on June 5.

Here are the lineups:

YANKEES Gardner CF Cano 2B Teixeira 1B Hafner DH Youkilis 3B Overbay RF Ichiro LF Nix SS Stewart C

Sabathia P

ATHLETICS Crisp CF Lowrie 2B Cespedes LF Donaldson 3B Freiman 1B Young DH Reddick RF Norris C Rosales SS

Colon P

Go Yankees!