Game 62: Break That Rusty Cage

Soundgarden Badmotorfinger

One way to look at things would be to say last night was just a bad night for the offense, a blip on the radar, and that the Yankees can easily start a new winning streak against Joe Saunders tonight.  Another way would be to point out that, save for 2 innings, the Yankee offense has been shut down by Blake Beavan and Jeremy Bonderman in the majority of the 18 innings played so far in this series, and that by failing to get a win against Bonderman last night they put themselves in a much tougher spot to secure a series win with King Felix looming on Sunday.

No matter how you see it, it's obvious the lineup isn't fully out of the slump woods yet, and they need to use this afternoon's game against Saunders as a way to break out.  They need to get something going offensively and they need to sustain it.  Here's the lineup the Bombers will send out today to try to get it done:

1) Brett Gardner- CF 2) Jayson Nix- SS 3) Mark Teixeira- DH 4) Robinson Cano- 2B 5) Vernon Wells- LF 6) Kevin Youkilis- 1B 7) Ichiro Suzuki- RF 8) David Adams- 3B 9) Chris Stewart- C

SP) Andy Pettitte

Nix batting 2nd when you're looking for an offensive spark?  Not what I would have done, but we'll see how it goes.  First pitch is scheduled for 4:10 PM Eastern.  Here's your game thread if you're going to be following the action.