Thursday Morning Musings

Well the Yankees have officially put that bad stretch in the rearview after completing the sweep on Cleveland last night.  As someone who's a firm believer in the "it really takes 3 to make it a streak" theory, cheers to the new winning streak!  While the team's catching some shuteye out in Seattle, let's take a few minutes to just bask in the aura of victory and talk about some random Yankee stuff. - That 2-run HR stains the ERA a bit, but CC has looked plenty good in his last 2 starts.  19/1 K/BB ratio is always going to get it done and he's been far less hittable than he was, giving up 13 in 16.1 IP.  The fastball looks livelier, the slider has been great; it looks like the big guy is starting to put things together.

- Did it bother anybody yesterday, or has it bothered anybody at all this season that Joe always seems to ride CC harder than he probably has to?  Sabathia has thrown 100+ pitches in every start, and while yesterday's outing wasn't all that stressful and the bullpen needed rest, does he need to be out there for that long all the time?  I would have been happy seeing him pulled after 80-ish pitches in that bad Tampa start.  No sense wasting wear and tear on his body when he doesn't have it.

- Lyle Overbay in the outfield has to be looked at as another nail in Ichiro's coffin.  It hasn't gotten talked about much because C-Grand is back out, but Ichiro still isn't doing anything with the stick.  .266/.303/.348 (.270 wOBA) in 198 PA and one of the lower LD rates of his career (18.0%).  If Wells hand't fallen off the map, I don't think we'd be seeing much of Ichiro right now.

- Speaking of which, where the hell have you gone, Vernon Wells??  Just a .264 wOBA in May, not a hit to his name yet in June, and his season line is down to .240/.287/.418.  That sound you hear when he's at the plate is him turning back into a pumpkin.

- He hasn't been hitting much himself, but I think the decision to keep David Adams on the 25-man and try Overbay in right field says something about what the coaching staff and organization thinks of Adams.  He got a day at second base the other day and did just fine and the team seems to recognize the value he brings as capable insurance around the infield and another right-handed bench bat.  Now that he's been here for a few weeks, hopefully we see him start to settle in and refine his approach, think through at-bats, and be willing to take a walk or 2.

- I also think keeping Adams around speaks to the concern the team might have for Kevin Youkilis' health.  Youkilis hasn't been re-inserted into the lineup the way Teix has, getting his fair share of time at DH.  Another DL stint for Youkilis feels like an inevitability.  Hopefully it can wait until after Curtis has come back again.

- So Brett Gardner is a power hitter now?  Is that the deal?  I can dig that.

- Not that the team should look to trade him now, but Joba Chamberlain looks more like a candidate to get dealt at the deadline like Buster Olney said now than he did when Olney first tweeted about it.  Joba's been a little sloppy since coming off the DL, and the trio of Kelley-Claiborne-Logan has been lights out working the innings ahead of D-Rob and Mo.  Joba's more of a luxury item in that bullpen right now than a necessity.  He might actually helping the team more as a trade piece than anything else.

- Who plays Tony Bosch in the eventual HBO original movie about the Biogenesis?  Better question, who plays smarmy Ryan Braun?

- The MLB Draft kicks off today, which is always a fun day for you draft nuts and prospect huggers out there.  I'm not a huge draft guy.  I just don't have the time to follow HS and college players, so I don't usually start commenting on it until the Yankees have made their picks.  The one thing I will say is that I want to see them shelf the "makeup" part of their evaluations and just draft the best available talent.  The system could sure use an influx.

- If you know, or think you know a lot about the draft, chime in here.  Who should I be hoping for when the Yanks get to their 3 picks?  Who are you hoping for?  Any top 10-15 players who could drop to them?  What's the strategy?  Educate me.