Quick hit: Overbay will play in right tonight

Well, this is interesting: http://twitter.com/JackCurryYES/status/341623966009552896

More from Curry:


I guess the Yankees are a little sick of seeing 0's and 1's in the boxscore and want to give their offense a boost - something the returns of Kevin Youkilis and Mark Teixeira haven't done yet. Of course, it's too early to put any of the blame on Teixeira and Youkilis. They've only been back for three games and the Yankees' offense has been in a swoon for the better part of two weeks so it's obvious something needs to be done.

Case in point, from our friends at You Can't Predict Baseball:

2013 New York Yankees: .245/.306/.397. 2013 Houston Astros: .248/.306/.397.

That's pretty scary.

So tonight's experiment with Overbay should be interesting, if the weather holds out.