Confessions of a frustrated Yankee blogger

I write a lot of revealing stuff about my life on my personal blog. I do it because it's cathartic for me - writing out how you're feeling, what your fears are and writing about everyday struggles can be a very good thing. I also do it because it helps other people who are going through the same troubles as I am. Sometimes the person reading my work knows someone going through something similar and it helps them to understand what their partner/friend/family member is dealing with on a daily basis. So I figured I could get personal with you guys as well.

I've been writing on this blog for since last October and I feel like we all know each other well enough for me to be a little more revealing and I have a few secrets that I felt like I needed to share with all of you today.

Now, I hope that after this first confession, you don't think less of me but I thought I needed to be truthful with everyone before I could go on with my day, so here it goes...

I didn't watch one second of last night's game and that's why I didn't write a recap.

Wow, I feel a lot better now.

I'm not even sure why I didn't watch. Maybe I knew the Yankees were going to lose and didn't feel like sitting through it or maybe I found a channel on YouTube that had nearly every single General Hospital episode from 1985 uploaded to it. (Okay, it was the latter. I got sucked in and before I knew it was 9:30 and the Yankees were already losing big so why bother? Plus, I had an idea of what was happening because I could hear my brother yelling at the TV in his room.)

Here's another confession: I hate the Subway Series. And I know, I recently wrote about all of the games I've attended in the past but now, I actually dispise it. And before you even think it, it's not because the Mets have won three games in a row. I actually don't even care about that because the Yankees have historically done well against the Mets and this is the first time since 2008 that they've dropped a Subway Series.

All teams go through rough patches and the Yankees decided to go through their first one of this season during the worst week to do it. And why is it the worst week to have this sort of swoon? Because Met fans - and people in the media - treat this series like it's New York's version of the World Series. We already had a Yankees-Mets World Series in 2000 - a World Series between the two teams that the Mets were going to win, at least according to Sports Illustrated, but they didn't. It was the 88-win Yankees who won that real World Series in five games, capturing their third title in a row.

Ever since then, the Subway Series has lost it's luster in my opinion, and no matter how much people hype it to be something more than it is, it will never be more than it is.

And I fully expect to see cries of, "No we don't!!" from the Mets fans who happen to read this post but here's an example of how people in your fan base treat this series: The other night, after Mariano Rivera blew the save, I jokingly posted a picture of Darth Vader yelling, "NOOOOOOOOOO!" as my recap. I thought it worked on a few levels - it had the Evil Empire angle, it captured the shock of the blown save, etc. - and I wasn't in the mood to rehash what had just happened. Honestly, my recap more than likely just would have been a string of expletives and not because the Yankees lost to the Mets but because it was Mo's first blown save of the season.

Anyway, a few moments after the recap went up, a Mets fan left this comment on the site, "YEA BABY! Lets Go Mets. We blow this year but taking 2 from the yanks is better than a winning record!"

See? And to that person, no, it's actually not. I would hope he realizes that having a winning record is actually more important and better than beating the Yankees.

I'm going to preface this next paragraph by saying that most Yankee fans I know aren't like this. See what I'm doing? The Yankee fans I know - i.e. people in my life that I talk to and hang out with. The Yankees fans I know don't treat the Subway Series as more than a regular season series. Most Yankee fans I know are more concerned with the Yankees' American League East opponents and not at all concerned about the team in Queens. Of course, that's not to say there aren't Yankee fans who also elevate this series to something more than it actually is. Those fans definitely exist. They're the ones who call into WFAN and cry about losing three games to the Mets in May and who call for Joe Girardi's head on a platter.

Okay, I really wasn't planning on turning this into a Yankees fans are better than Mets fans post because I know it's not entirely true. I know there are Yankee fans out there who throw the "27 RINGS!!!!" nonsense into Mets fans' faces all the time no matter what. But from my personal experience, it only happens to be the Met fans I know who post "Here's something for Yankee fans" on Facebook and it turns out to be a picture of Chicken Little.

My last confession has to do with this blog in general: I'm really having trouble writing this season.

You already know by now that I'm not one of those people who can look at a bunch of stats, actually know what I'm looking at and write about them. I can't write about PITCH F/X, I can't analyze someone's wRC+ - though I do actually know what it is - and I can't write 3000 words about the upcoming draft - I'll leave that up to the other guys and gal who write for the site.

So I will never write for places like Fangraphs or Baseball Prospectus unless I get some sort of brain transplant that allows me to understand stats and be able to churn out thousands of words a week about them. I am better at being goofy or writing about games I've been to in the past but these days even writing a game recap is becoming torturous for me.

And I usually would be able write about how bad the Yankees have looked the past four games but nothing is coming to me at the moment, plus Brad already did a good job of writing about it this morning.

I was hoping my writing would pick up once the season started but it hasn't and I don't know why. It's as if my brain has stopped working. I should be able to write about the Yankees - they're my favorite baseball team - and I should be happy to write about the job they've done this season so far - with the last four games excluded. But something is wrong.

Things have gotten so bad that I can't even figure out a way to end this post...