Subway Series Live Blog

They're determined to get this one in and its currently raining hard enough to make Sandy jealous, anyway looks like we'll be in for a long night and I'll be with you guys every step of the way, live blogging (or at least trying to) my heart out.  


6:44 PM: Cats and Dogs aren't large enough animals to describe the weather.

6:58 PM: It's a veritable ghost town in here, definitely not getting this one off in time. This has the makings of fantastic pitcher's duel that no one will see.

8:02 PM: Tarp is off and all five people in attendance go wild. Expected first pitch is 8:40.

8:24 PM: There's some stirring, the windows are opened in the press box, and baseball-type activities have begun. First pitch right around the corner.

8:27 PM: Richie Cannata with a great sax rendition of the national anthem, no word on whether or not he will be coming out with Billy Joel for an encore.

8:40 PM: Harvey done with his warm-ups and we have baseball!

8:42 PM: Cano with a pop-up that only Luis Castillo could flub

8:51 PM: Daniel Murphy with the game's first hit and the double perfecto is ruined.

9:00 PM: Kuroda works in and out of an early jam, I credit it to Chris Stewart's orange nail polish.

9:06 PM: Harvey is dealing right now, strikes out Adams with a 98 MPH heater.

9:18 PM: Reid Brignac notches his first hit as a Yankee and breaks up Harvey's no-hitter, nothing to see here.

9:22 PM: Strike out number four and or in American League math, three, as strikeouts of pitcher's do not count.

9:43 PM: And Harvey says; "I challenge you to a duel!"

9:48 PM: Wright gives that one a ride but the ballpark will hold it and Duda follows up with a dinky single. "You can't predict baseball."

10:01 PM: Another high heater and another K and this is looking like a "first to score" type of game.

10:06 PM: Nothing but zeroes on the board as we head into the bottom of the fifth.

10:13 PM: If the Yankees could actually buy a hit, I'm sure they would consider it at this point as we lead off the sixth and Gardner saves the some money.

10:16 PM: Vernon Wells does the one thing you can't do with a runner at third and one out.

 10:25 PM: Awkward hop for Cano but they score it an error and this could make things a little more interesting.

10:31 PM: Ball meet glove, Brett meet wall. Gardner with a fantastic catch to rob Murphy of an extra base hit. WOWIEZOWIE!

10:33 PM: Score that a passed ball for Stewart and now a base hit ties this game.

10:35 PM: BIG strikeout for Kuroda. Sorry David but that's not on the menu.

10:37 PM: Kuroda nearly throws the ball into center and is bailed out by a great pick from Brignac, pick-off ends inning. Terry Collins comes out to argue the call that was initially ruled safe and is subsequently tossed and flips over a base, no Earl Weaver but solid move. Replay confirms he was out.

10:56 PM: And after seven shut-out innings and 109 pitches, Kuroda will hand this over to the pen in line for the win.

10:58 PM: Hafner pinch-hitting for Kuroda, looking to add some cushion to this lead.

11:06 PM: Vernon Wells with a little bleeder and heads up base-running by Cano puts runners on 1st and 3rd with two outs.

11:11 PM: Robertson in to bridge the gap to Mo to start the eighth.

11:27 PM: Ichiro picked off attempting to steal and Brignac proceeds to strike out. Enter Sandman.

11:31 PM: Mo set to face the heart of the Mets order. Bring it on!

11:34 PM: Mariano's first blown save of the season and it was a doozie.

11:35 PM: What just happened? Game over, the Yankees Lose. That's it for me.

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