Game 50: Subway Series Game One


Subway Series 2013 - Courtesy of

I wrote something earlier about my record at Subway Series' games (it's pretty good) and I already posted the lineups so what on earth will I write?


Well, it's a shortened series with only two games at each ballpark - two at Citifield followed by two at Yankee Stadium - and the Yankees are currently 30-19 on the season and the Mets are 18-29 so they're obviously headed in different directions.

This will be Mariano Rivera's last appearance at Citifield in the regular season so he met with some Mets season ticket holders earlier this afternoon as apart of his farewell tour. He will be honored by the Mets before tomorrow night's game.

I wonder what they will give him. They already gave him his first career RBI and 500th save in 2009...

Anyway, go Yankees!