Game 47: Back to the house of horrors

In case you didn't already know, the Yankees have really terrible numbers in Tropicana Field. In fact, they're so bad in that abomination of a "ballpark" that I wish it would be condemned. It won't be and the Yankees will be stuck having to play there whenever they make the trek to Tampa for the foreseeable future but a girl can dream, right? I think the Yankees have lost 150 out of their last 155 games there. Okay, that's an exaggeration, it just feels like that many. The numbers are pretty bad though. In 2011, the Yankees lost six games out of nine in Tampa. Last year, the Yankees went 8-10 overall against the Rays and seven of those 10 losses were in Tampa. This year, so far, they're 1-2.

Wait, the Yankees and Rays have only played one series so far? That seems so odd. I think it's funny how the Yankees have played Toronto nine times already and they've played both the Rays and Red Sox only three times to this point.

Anyway, will the Yankees reverse their recent bad fortune against Tampa this weekend? Anything is possible.

Here are the lineups for tonight's game:

YANKEES Gardner CF Cano 2B Wells LF Hafner DH Granderson RF Adams 3B Overbay 1B Nix SS Stewart C

Phelps P

RAYS Joyce RF Zobrist 2B Scott DH Longoria 3B Loney 1B Johnson LF Fuld CF Lobaton C Escobar SS

Hernandez P