Quick Hit: Mariners send Montero down to AAA

Just in case you hadn't heard the news, the Seattle Mariners will be sending Jesus Montero down to their triple-A affiliate in Tacoma. The Mariners have just finished up a 2-7 road trip - their two wins came here against the Yankees, of course - and along with sending Montero down, they're recalling catcher Jesus Sucre to replace him. Yes, there are two Jesuses and they're both catchers.

Or are they?

It seems the Mariners may be finally realizing that they would be better served with Montero at either DH or even first base because he's just not cutting it at catcher. Hey, the Yankees could have told them that!

So this is an interesting development. With Michael Pineda on his way back from shoulder surgery and eyeing a June return - barring any setbacks, naturally - and Montero back in the Minors for the Mariners, I wonder who will make it back to the big leagues first.

I also wonder if we will finally know after all this time, who actually won that damn trade?