Update On Sabathia's Velocity

CC Sabathia may have given up 21 hits over his last 2 starts, but he's actually gaining some velocity back. On opening day, the lefties' four-seam fastball was sitting at 89.92 mph according to PITCHf/x, but in his start on Monday, Sabathia was sitting at 90.65 mph, and topping out at 92.4. His movement wasn't nearly as impressive as we've seen in the past, and that was probably the reason why he gave up 11 hits with only 2 strike outs to the Orioles. Anyway, here's an updated velocity chart of all the pitches he's thrown this year. chart

He's slowly building up arm strength, which is a great sign, but now we have to watch the movement on his four-seam, which averaged just under 8 inches of vertical movement on Monday. (Compared to 10+ inches on opening day)