I was supposed to be at today's game but I didn't feel like sitting in a rainy Yankee Stadium while the powers that be do the 'will they or won't they?' game. If the game is played, here are the lineups:

BLUE JAYS Cabrera DH Bautista RF Encarnacion 1B DeRosa 2B Lawrie 3B Izturis SS Rasmus CF Bonifacio LF Blanco C

Dickey P

YANKEES Granderson CF Cano 2B Wells LF Hafner DH Overbay 1B Nix 3B Ichiro RF Brignac SS Romine C

Sabathia P

Reid Brignac is making his Yankees debut, if the rain doesn't wash away the day.

Go Yankees!

UPDATE (12:34 P.M.) The game has been postponed.

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