Flashback Friday: Perfection in the Bronx

15 years ago this afternoon a Yankee pitched perfection. I didn't even see David Wells' perfect game because I was too busy hanging out with my fellow SUNY Oswego graduates getting drunk, listening to music and eating hamburgers on the shores of Lake Ontario. And do you know how I found out about David Wells' perfect game? After we left the big party in our honor, we went back into town to my friend's frat house. We were all in the living room, the TV was on ESPN, if I'm not mistaken and the ticker at the bottom of the TV was scrolling along and all I saw was "Yankees pitcher" and "perfect game." I yelled out, "What?!" The guys asked me what I was yelling about, I told them and then the ones who were Mets fans were ribbing me for the Yankees' early exit in 1997. I ribbed them right back, threw some knowledge at them and shut them right up.

They learned pretty quickly that I wasn't a baseball fan just for the good looking guys in tight pants.

I waited as the highlights came on and watched as Wells struck people out, induced ground outs and got the final fly out to right field.

Part of me was thrilled for him but the other part of me was mad that I missed the entire game. But thanks to Yankees Classics, I've since been able to watch the game and feel the excitement of that moment and of that day.

So Happy Anniversary to David Wells, I cannot believe it has been 15 years.

If you want to relive the entire game, YouTube has it in its entirety: