Games 37 and 38: The doubleheader in Cleveland

Thanks to Mother Nature's April wrath, the Yankees are in Cleveland for a doubleheader today. The good thing is, it's a lot of baseball for us to watch. The bad thing is, some guys, namely David Robertson and Mariano Rivera, may not be available for either game. They've both pitched a lot in the past five days.

But we'll see what happens, maybe Mo will come out for one of his infamous one-pitch saves.

David Phelps is scheduled to pitch the first game and Nuno Vidal is the game two starter.

Here's your game one Yankees lineup: Gardner CF Ichiro LF Cano 2B Hafner DH Boesch RF Nelson 3B Joseph 1B Stewart C Gonzalez SS

Phelps P

Look at that, Corban Joseph and Alberto Gonzalez are getting the start in the 12:05 game. I'll more than likely update this post with the Game 2 lineup when it comes out.

Go Yankees!

Game Two lineup: Gardner 8 Nix 5 Cano 0 Wells 7 Overbay 3 Francisco 9 Joseph 4 Gonzalez 6 Romine 2.

Nuno P