Game Thread: Yankees at Royals, Sunday May 12th

Guess who's in first place? Not the Toronto Blue Jays. Not Tampa Bay either. None other than your New York Yankees. While it is early in the season yet, this is a good sign. It is also evidence of how fickle the baseball media is. Remember just before the season began when the new look Blue Jays were going to be the jewel of the AL East? Me neither. But it was obvious that the Jays weren't built to last. What was less obvious was how the Rays would start a bit slowly in the division. That said, it's tight atop the AL East and at least three, and probably four, of the team's are going to have winning records. That's a crowded field. The Yankees come into today's game winners of seven of their last ten. Hiroki Kuroda faces off against Ervin Santana. Kuroda has come into form and is once again giving the Yankees quality performances. Santana, meanwhile, is also off to a solid start. In fact, both pitchers have amassed nearly identical lines. They've both pitched between 40 and 43 innings. They've both got ERAs right around 2.30 and both their WHIPs are 1.07. We could be looking at a pitcher's duel on Mother's Day. Enjoy.