Did that really happen? Yankees 3, Rockies 2

Like I asked in the recap title, "Did that really happen?" Did David Phelps really bat 8th? Did Austin Romine really bat 9th? Did David Robertson somehow pitch a scoreless eighth inning without a working curveball? Did Vernon Wells really play third base in the ninth inning and actually make a nice play? Is he really the one who gave the Yankees their first inning lead with a home run? Did Mariano Rivera really pick up his first ever save in Coors Field? Did the Yankees really win their 19th game of the season?

Yes, it all really happened.

Phelps didn't get the win but he pitched a nice game, lasting six innings, giving up two runs on three hits, walking one batter and striking out four. The big blow came off the bat of Todd Helton in the second inning. He hit a two-run shot to tie the game at two.

Robertson actually picked up the win because the Yankees scored their third run in the top of the ninth while he was still the pitcher of record. It's his second win of the season.

In the top of the ninth, Brennan Boesch hit a single to drive in a run. He beat out a close play at first, Wells scored but Jayson Nix was called out after rounding second when he probably shouldn't have.

Then Rivera came in and converted his 12th save out of 12 tries. He gave up one hit, a ball that Robinson Cano missed as he dove for it. This came right after third baseman, Vernon Wells, made a nice play for the second out of the inning.

Of course he did. Wells was the star of the game. He finished 3-4 with those two RBI from his early home run and he won the hearts of Yankee fans everywhere when he bravely manned third base for the first time in his professional career. It was pretty fantastic.