On tweets, Alex Rodriguez's impending return and hypocrisy

In case you didn't know, Alex Rodriguez is on his way to Tampa to join teammates like Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixeira, Derek Jeter, Francisco Cervelli, Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda and Kevin Youkilis on the road back to recovery and more importantly, on the road back to baseball. He had been cleared by his doctors to begin partaking in baseball activities starting today. And how do members of the New York sports media react to this news?


Like that.

The funny thing about that tweet from David Lennon of Newsday is that the media is a big part of the reason why there is so much drama surrounding Alex Rodriguez. Does Alex bring a lot of stuff on himself? Of course he does. Does the media do a great job of adding fuel to the fire? Oh yes, they do.

So that tweet really annoyed me when I saw it.

Another person who loves stirring the pot of Alex Rodriguez drama, Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York, tweeted this:


Does anyone else see the humor in that tweet? I'm not going to link to any of Marchand's stuff but if you read his tweets you know he likes to troll fans and Yankee players as much as his ESPN New York partner Wally Matthews. And speaking of Matthews, will he be tweeting something about how mean people are to A-Rod and that it's getting out of control?

Okay, so that's taking things a bit too far but the hypocrisy I'm seeing from the media today is making me want to vomit.

People hate A-Rod. We get it. He's a polarizing figure who has made questionable choices in his life. Do I agree with all of the vitriol thrown his way? No but people are entitled to their feelings.

What I don't appreciate is that the writers who perpetuate that hate are acting like they're completely innocent in it all when they're not.