Off day links: IIATMS made Deadspin but not in a bad way

Good morning, Yankee fans. Today is an off day but luckily for us, the Yankees won last night so at least it's a pleasant off day and we're not stewing over a loss because those off days are the worst. Just in case you missed it, Jason updated his Yankees on DL payroll chart and, of course, it rightly spread around the Internet like wildfire.

Friend of the blog, Barry Petchesky of Deadspin linked to it. Another FOtB, Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk, mentioned it in his "And That Happened" post and also spotlighted one of our prolific readers ufy1950 with a post of his own about a comment he made pointing out the payroll of last night's starting lineup.

Good work, ufy! And a big thanks to both Barry and Craig for the shout outs.

If you ever wondered what kind of an apartment Ichiro Suzuki lives in, look no further. Curbed has all the deets on Ichiro's rental. Some highlights:

  • It's penthouse on the 17th floor of the building located at 111 Central Park North.
  • It has six bedrooms and six and a half baths.
  • It's worth $9M but Ichiro is renting it for $23,500 a month.
  • My first salary out of college was $22,000 a year way back in the late 1990's.
  • Apparently, both Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez took a look at the place before Ichiro scooped it up.

Hey, Ichi, if you need a roommate, let me know. Thanks.

Our friends over at the Pinstriped Bible on SB Nation introduced a new writer to their staff and Brian Stramaglia got things started off right by revisiting the 1993 Yankees. I have a special place in my heart for that team because I went to a lot of games that season. It was the first year I was able to do that without relying on my family so it was a fun look back for me.

Greg Corcoran of Bronx Baseball Daily scored an interview with Slade Heathcott and it's definitely worth a read. Heathcott opens up about the 2011 altercation between him and Christian Vazquez.

So far on IIATMS today:

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One last thing, here's a link to the song of the day:

I chose The Hitman by AB Logic which came out in 1992 but was played a lot in subsequent years whenever Don Mattingly got a big hit. The Stadium DJ still occasionally plays it and when he does, it's like I'm back in 1993 again.

Enjoy the off day!