UPDATE: Yankee's DL'd payroll nearing $100M

budgetchart Following up on my post from right before the season started, the annual payroll of the players on the DL is approaching $100M, which now ranks them ahead of the Mets for 15th overall. This is up from 17th five weeks ago. As a result, some quick math shows us that $211M less $95M = ~$116M available for current games, which puts them on the same block as the Blue Jays, Cardinals and Nationals (not factoring in, of course, their own DL issues).

Notable changes: Hughes comes off, Youkilis comes on! I added some of the other guys, including Pineda, but none of them individually have a material impact on this total as Nova contributes the most at $576K.

Method: Please note this is not based upon AAV; it is based upon their 2013 contracts, base salary only. Excludes any insurance recoup, benefits, tax, bonuses, etc. Source: Cots. Players do not have to necessarily be on the 40-man as the DL counts determined from MLB.com here. I made no other changes to any TEAM totals.

On the DL: