Enter Sandman

Yesterday was a good day. The weather was beautiful. I was in my happy place, Yankee Stadium. I ate steak covered fries - yes, they exist. I scored the game for four innings - I ended up meeting up with some friends and didn't score the rest of it because I was too busy chatting. Brennan Boesch and Lyle Overbay hit home runs. Phil Hughes pitched well again - though he had some bad luck in the latter innings. The Yankees won the game and even better, they swept a four-game series against Toronto.

And finally, I saw this for the first time since 2011:


I've seen Mariano Rivera enter a game hundreds of times in the past 17 years but for some reason, I felt like I needed to shoot some video of yesterday's jog from the bullpen.

I guess, it's different now knowing the close of his career is coming and that there is a definitive endpoint in sight. I also think Yankee fans took it for granted. We would always joke that Mo was going to pitch forever and that bravado was shattered last season when he suffered the season-ending knee injury in Kansas City.

Now, I won't shoot video every time Mo makes that jog but I'm glad I did it yesterday. It just felt right. And, of course, he set the Blue Jays down in order in the ninth inning.

Ho hum. Business as usual.