Lyle Overbay powers Yankees to a sweep of the Blue Jays

R.A. Dickey was good. Lyle Overbay and Phil Hughes were better. Dickey gave the Blue Jays seven innings of four hit baseball. Normally that's enough to get your team the victory, but not when two of those hits were homers. Brennan Boesch gave the Yankees their first run with a solo shot in the second inning. That was enough to keep the Yankees in the game until the seventh inning. With Travis Hafner on base Lyle Overbay hit a home run in the seventh frame to put the Yankees ahead three to two, the eventual margin of victory. On the other side of the ledger, Phil Hughes was solid. Hughes struck out nine over six innings. He allowed just two runs even though he scattered seven hits. Hughes wasn't efficient. He tossed 111 pitches over that time, but that's what happens when you strike out so many batters. It was enough to keep the Yankees in a tight game until the offence could do its thing in the next inning.

The Yankee bullpen was excellent. Boone Logan struck out two in the seventh inning, giving up just one hit. He then turned things over to David Robertson and later Mariano Rivera. D-Rob and Mo were perfect in their innings, each recording a strike out.

Sweeps of any kind are rare in baseball. Four game sweeps are rarer still, but that's exactly what the Yankees got. The victory brings the Yankees to 15-9 on the season, tied for second place in the division with Baltimore. On Monday the AL's newest team, the Houston Astros, will come to the Bronx. Andy Pettitte will greet them.