Tonight's lineups: Blue Jays at Yankees 4/26/13

YANKEESGardner CF Nix 3B Cano 2B Wells LF Cervelli C Ichiro RF Nunez SS Overbay 1B Francisco DH

Nova P

BLUE JAYS Davis DH Rasmus CF Bautista RF Encarnacion 1B Cabrera LF Arencibia C Lawrie 3B Izturis 2B Kawasaki SS

Laffey P

A couple of things.

Jayson Nix is batting second for the Yankees. Yes, second. I guess that's better than Ben Francisco batting there. Tonight, Francisco is batting ninth.

You'll also notice Kevin Youkilis is missing again. The Yankees are waiting one more day to see if a DL trip is necessary.

And, on the other side of things, Aaron Laffey is pitching for the Blue Jays.

This game has "worst game ever" potential. Of course, it also has the potential to be the kind of game that is a total head scratcher. You never know, Ivan Nova may pitch a complete game shutout.

Just kidding.