Quick Hits: Jeter, Lineup, Youkilis

Derek Jeter held a press conference this afternoon and mostly discussed his ankle injury. For the most part, Jeter did a wonderful job not saying anything at all, and refused to give a return date or timeline for his injury. Of the few things we learned, Jeter's doctor indicated to him that he should return 100%, without any mobility issues. He has no doubt that he'll return and play at the same level. I mentioned in my last post that I can't remember the last time the Yankees didn't have an injury set back, and guess what, Kevin Youkilis had trouble with his back again. They'll give it another go tomorrow.

Here's tonight's lineup.

Brett Gardner CF Ben Francisco DH Robinson Cano 2B Vernon Wells LF Francisco Cervelli C Ichiro Suzuki RF Eduardo Nunez SS Lyle Overbay 1B Jayson Nix 3B

Yeeeeesh. Thank god we got good news on Granderson taking batting practice this afternoon, since I don't know how much longer the team can surivve with Ben Francisco batting second and Cervelli batting 5th.

Hiroki Kuroda takes on Mark Buerhle tonight at 7:05 PM on YES and the MLB Network.