Cano and Biogenesis

I didn't want to even address this but we're a New York Yankees blog and this Biogenesis story is still news, even though it seems as if no one, aside from Bud Selig, actually cares about it anymore. Yesterday, a report came out which said that Robinson Cano's foundation's spokeswoman may have been involved with Biogenesis which, of course, indirectly involves Cano because, he knows her. It was released yesterday afternoon, so it was the talk of the pregame interviews in Tampa. Cano said it had nothing to do with him and the report also states that he's not mentioned in any of the Biogenesis records.

The spokeswoman, Sonia Cruz, went to the clinic to inquire about a weight loss regime.

"I met with a nurse who works for the clinic, but I met her outside the clinic just to talk to her about a diet program they have for women," she told ESPN. "I never went through with it once she explained what it was. I thought it was just a diet/nutritional thing, but it was diet, nutrition, pills and stuff."

According to the records, Cruz owes the clinic $300.

Cano spoke with reporters before last night's loss against the Rays and reiterated what he said in Spring Training, that he was not involved with Biogenesis in any way.

“I know what I’m doing,” Cano said. “And I know myself. So it doesn’t bother me. There isn’t anything else I can say about it. I didn’t even know about the story. I’m just going to play my game.”

What I find the most amazing about this whole thing was how quickly it seemed to be swept under the rug. That's not to say that I'm not happy about it. I wouldn't want Robinson Cano involved in this nonsense. But I do find it amusing because let's say Alex Rodriguez, to this point, was not involved with Biogenesis. You all know, that if someone he knew, someone employed by him or even someone he met once and sat next to at a basketball game were involved with Biogenesis, it would have been big, earth-shattering news.