Pre-Game Evening Link Dump

Evening, all. Hope your work days weren't too torturous. Anyway, here are a few links to help you along in your commute. Starting with the not-so-great, there's the news you probably already know: Jeter is going to miss more time than expected. Sigh.

Speaking of Derek Jeter, though, here's something cool from Twitter yesterday. Baseball HOF president Jeff Idleson posted a pre-draft scouting report the Rockies did on Jeter:

Mark Feinsand talked to CC Sabathia about his velocity after last night's game. Feinsand noted that despite CC's diminished velocity to start 2013, the pitcher remains confident:

“I’m hoping some more velocity comes back,” Sabathia said. “If not, we’ll work with this.”

He's also accepted the reality of pitching:

“It’s reality,” Sabathia said. “I’m not going to lose sleep over it. I’ve been pitching for a long time. Eventually, it was gong to happen.”

Looks like CC's going to have to rely on his dynamite changeup and knockout slider more this season. In that vein, we've got the following tweet from Mark Simon of ESPN:

Sabathia's slider was dominant last night and that definitely helped make up for the reduced velocity. Last night was just another example of why CC Sabathia is so awesome. Even when he doesn't have his good fastball, he still makes it into the 8th inning having surrendered only three runs. That's what makes him an ace.