Flashback: April 18, 1923

In case you didn't know, today marks the 90th anniversary of the first game at the old Yankee Stadium. And of course, the Yankees' opponent on that day in April 1923, was the Boston Red Sox. I thought it would be fun to look back at the lineups and see how the game played out.

You will recognize some names and there are some you may not know.

Boston's starting lineup: Chick Fewster SS Shano Collins RF Camp Skinner CF Joe Harris LF George Burns 1B Norm McMillan 2B Howie Shanks 3B Al DeVormer C Howard Ehmke P

New York's starting lineup: Whitey Witt CF Joe Dugan 3B Babe Ruth RF Wally Pipp 1B Bob Meusel LF Wally Schang C Aaron Ward 2B Everett Scott SS Bob Shawkey P

Howard Emhke started for the Red Sox and Bob Shawkey started for the Yankees.

The umpires were at home plate - Tommy Connolly, 1B - Billy Evans, no one was at second base and 3B - Ducky Holmes. The time of the game was a manageable two hours and five minutes. Could you imagine being at a game that short in duration? I wouldn't know what to do with myself. And the attendance at the opening of the new Stadium was 74,200.

The Yankees won the game on the strength of a four-run third inning which was highlighted by a three-run home run by none other than Babe Ruth. Joe Dugan had the other RBI.

To read an account of what that day would have been like if you had attended the game way back in 1923, please read this entry by sports journalist and oral historian, Harvey Frommer.