Please, Give Me More Rainouts

The Yankees made the road trip to Cleveland, but only played two of four games due to rain. Outside of their division, this means that the Yankees are going to have a headache double header to play at some point in the future, most likely in September. Axisa at River Ave Blues is a little bit worried:

Now here’s where things get really messy: it’s supposed to rain all day in New York tomorrow. The heaviest stuff is expected in the morning, but the forecast right now says the showers will continue through the night. Three consecutive rain outs (in two different cities) would be pretty crummy. Not only would the bombers have three postponed games to make up just two weeks into the new season, but you also have to worry about the hitters losing their rhythm and what not. The Yankees’ bats did some major damage on Monday and Tuesday and I really would like that to continue.

I'm with him on the hitters out of rhythm part, but I'm still very happy about these rain outs. I'm not sure about 3 in a row, but I'd love to lose another 2 games this April due to rain.

Why? The Yankees are as weak right now as they are going to be all season. Starting in May, reinforcements start to arrive off the disabled list. I'd much rather play fewer games with Jayson Nix, Lyle Overbay, Ivan Nova, and Ichiro Suzuki in the lineup and more games featuring Michael Pineda, Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez. I'll trade an off day in April for a doubleheader game in September any day of the week.

If the Yankees can limit the damage through the first few months of the season, they could set themselves up pretty well to contend for a playoff spot. The upside of the injuries is that it forced the Yankees to bring in full-season additions to the team even though they were losing just partial seasons from players on their disabled list. The September lineup could look like this:

Gardner LF Jeter SS Teixeira 1b Cano 2b Rodriguez DH Youkilis 3b Granderson CF Wells/Ichiro RF A Catcher

With a killer bench, consisting of one half the Wells/Ichiro platoon, Travis Hafner, Eduardo Nunez, and whomever else they decide to acquire/retain. Yes, please. Give me more games under that lineup.