Quick Hits: Granderson, Teixeira, Rivera, Lineup

grandyCurtis Granderson removed his brace today, and was supposed to begin his throwing program, and indeed he did. It went really well according to the center fielder, and the plan is to swing a bat sometime this weekend. It looks like he's on track to making his early-May return. Speaking of early May returns, Mark Teixeira was somewhat glad that last night's game was canceled, since it's one less game he'll miss. Last week, the first baseman said that his last doctor's visit went well, and he's now expecting to get back in early-May. Last night's rain out will probably be made up on May 13th, so it's good to hear that he's planning to be back with the team at that point, considering the initial timetable had him returning in late-May to June.

Mariano Rivera is taking his farewell tour backstage, and meeting with the staff and fans from teams all around baseball. Today, he met with the people in Cleveland, and Chad Jennings has a video.

Here's tonight's lineup.

Brett Gardner CF Robinson Cano 2B Kevin Youkilis 3B Travis Hafner DH Vernon Wells LF Ichiro Suzuki RF Eduardo Nunez SS Lyle Overbay 1B Francisco Cervelli C

There are a few changes from last night. Brennan Boesch loses out to Ichiro in right field, and Cervelli gets in and leaves Chris Stewart on the bench.

On the mound, Phil Hughes will pitch, assuming his stomach is alright. I have a post on him going up at 5:00, and it'll be interesting to see what his fastball looks like after somethings PICTHf/x found in Saturday's start. Zach McAllister gets the ball for the Indians.

This is all assuming that there is actually a game tonight. Vernon Wells isn't optimistic about the rain, in fact most of the weather reports have been rather disappointing, but weather.com now thinks the rain will end by game time, and only begin again at 10 PM. This is a game they'll try their hardest to fit in, as it'll be a huge pain to add two additional trips to Cleveland throughout the year. Hopefully the team can take another early lead, as a rain shortened game isn't out of the question.