Game Four: Yankees revisit a house of horrors

So the Yankees are returning to the site of not-so-great times, Comerica Park in Detroit, Michigan. I won't rehash what happened because we've heard about it all winter and it has even been brought up this week during the Yankees' 1-2 start. But hey, guess what? The Tigers also started 1-2 and they played Minnesota who is supposed to be atrocious this season so you know what that means? Nothing, it's April.

Anyway, here's the Yankee lineup:

Brett Gardner CF Robinson Cano 2B Kevin Youkilis 3B Travis Hafner DH Brennan Boesch RF Eduardo Nunez SS Ichiro Suzuki LF Lyle Overbay 1B Chris Stewart C

Ivan Nova is making his first start of the season.

(I apologize for the lack of depth in this post, I'm on a laptop I'm not used to, and copying and pasting is a nightmare.)