Recap: The old man and the W, Pettitte helps lead Yanks to victory



Is anyone else as excited as I am right now? The excitement I'm feeling is not just because the Yankees won. It's also not just because they beat Boston - I mean, who doesn't love that? And it's not just because we, meaning the people who live in the New York metro area, won't have to hear about more doom and gloom tomorrow. The excitement I'm feeling is because two of the guys people like to make fun of the most, the ones fans of other teams like to say " are as old as dirt," Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera, were a big part of tonight's victory.

Pettitte was the stopper the Yankees desperately needed. Well, fine, desperately is a little exaggerated and over the top but to save everyone's sanity, at least in terms of what I mentioned above, the doom and gloom, this start was definitely needed.

The oldest man in the starting rotation came out and threw eight innings of one run ball. He gave up eight hits, induced double plays when he needed them and he struck out three batters. On the mound for Boston, Ryan Dempster made his first start for the Red Sox. He lasted five innings and gave up three runs on five hits and four walks, however, he did manage to strike out eight Yankees in the process.

Lasting eight innings was key because who entered in the ninth inning? Yep, the Sandman. And in his first appearance of 2013, Rivera made things a teensy bit sweaty at the end, but was able to close out the game with a bunch of ones. One inning, one hit, one walk, one strikeout and one earned run. Oh and it was his first save of the year (obviously) and career save 609.

Now, I didn't forget the offense and hey, neither did the Yankees! Not that four runs is a lot but the way they came about was pretty amusing.

In the second inning, Lyle Overbay hit an RBI single that scored Travis Hafner and Eduardo Nunez. I know, I still can't believe Overbay and Hafner are Yankees either. Then in the bottom of the third inning, Brett Gardner hit a home run. Yes, you're reading that correctly. But that's not the funniest thing. Nope, I saved that one for last.

Get ready for it.

Here it comes...

cervelliFrancisco Cervelli hit a bomb to left center field -it hit the back of the visitor's bullpen - to put the Yankees up 4-1. Unfortunately, I missed it live. It figures the one time I get up to do something I miss a Cervelli home run, but thanks to the magic of the DVR I was able to see it and laugh at it. I mean, come on. If someone told you that the two Yankee home runs hit tonight would be by Brett Gardner and Francisco Cervelli, would you believe that person? Probably not.

So the Yankees have a W, finally. People can step off the ledges and calm down - at least for one night. And like I said, at least you'll all be spared some doom and gloom articles for possibly 12 hours.