Hiroki Kuroda Pulled From Game With Hand Injury

Surprise, another injury alert. During tonight's game, Shane Victorino hit a line drive up the middle and Hiroki Kuroda tried to barehand it. It seemed to only graze his fingers, and after walking a batter and hitting two, Joe Girardi pulled him from the game. No word yet on the severity, but I'm sure he's going for X-Rays as you read this. I will update this as soon as word gets out on the diagnosis. Hopefully it was just numbness, and I'm sure the cold weather didn't help. If it's broken fingers, things are going to get interesting in a bad way. UPDATE (8:28 PM): The Yankees are diagnosing Kuroda with a middle finger contusion and sending the pitcher for X-Rays right now. Hopefully it's just a bruise and nothing is broken. I'm assuming his return time depends on the severity of the bruising, so his timetable could be anywhere from making his next start to a DL stint.

UPDATE (10:50 PM): Joe Girardi says that Kuroda is "OK", and the finger is just bruised. He's day-to-day and the team won't know if he'll make his next start until later on in the week. Guess that's good news compared to what we're used to.