Lunchtime links: Predictions, predictions and more predictions

Hey guys, did you hear about the Yankees and how awful they're going to be this season? The Yankees are dead this year, everyone. According to nearly every major sports outlet, we shouldn't even bother watching them this season. Maybe we should all root for the Mets? Oh wait, that wouldn't be fun either.

Just when you thought Juan Rivera being released by the Yankees would be the biggest news of yesterday, Johan Santana and his shoulder took over the crown. It seems Santana retore his surgically repaired shoulder and will be out all of 2013 and may possibly have to retire.

That is awful news and I feel bad for him, for the Mets and for their fans. Johan Santana is an amazing pitcher and to see his career possibly end like this is not very fun.

Back to the Yankees and their eulogies, here's one from Jon Morosi of Fox Sports, saying how the Yankees will finish in last place in the AL East but, don't worry fans, they won't actually be terrible.

Good friend of the blog, Rebecca Glass, wrote a piece for the Sweetspot on ESPN about Yankee fans and their expectations for this season. It's been a while since we've gone into a season with such low expectations and maybe that might be a good thing? Instead of expecting something, we should hope for it. It's a different way to go about rooting for the Yankees but it may be the only way to stay sane.

Other links:

  • Andy McCullough of the Star Ledger writes a great piece about Brian Cashman staying optimistic while the fan base is pessimistic. 
  • His colleague Steve Politi thinks the Yankees will be fine this year but I have a bone to pick with him about his Alex Rodriguez section of the piece. How come when people bring up how bad A-Rod was from July - October, they neglect to include the fact that he was out from July - September with a broken hand? That seems like a large oversight, doesn't it?

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