Lunchtime Links: Vernon Wells, more Vernon Wells and last place predictions

No, you weren't dreaming and no, this isn't shared nightmare by Yankee fans that we will all wake up from, sighing in relief and wiping the sweat from our brows, it is very real and it is not spectacular. Vernon Wells is really going to be a Yankee - Bud Selig just has to approve the money exchanging hands - and this offseason has now officially hit rock bottom. (At least I hope so, there are six days left and anything can happen...)

As you can imagine there were a ton of articles, blog posts, rants, etc. written about this move. Most of them were of the negative variety. It even got so bad at one point that a well-known blogger/podcaster who happens to be a Kansas City Royals fan was making fun of the Yankees on Twitter. For a fan of a team that hasn't sniffed the playoffs since I was in elementary school to make fun of the Yankees so viciously, the move has to be terrible, right?

In other news, Chien-Ming Wang returned to Yankees camp today. Pictures of him surfaced this morning from the beat writers on Twitter and in those pictures he was surrounded by the press.

“It’s like back in the day,” Wang said through an interpreter. “This was my first team, this is where I started. I feel great.”

I'm happy to see Wang, or "The Wanger" as Mike Mussina liked to call him, back in Pinstripes. I hope he can stay healthy and contribute to the last place New York Yankees (Just kidding).

Andy McCullough of the Star-Ledger took a look at the projected lineup and, well, it's not pretty.

Projected 2013 lineup

1. Brett Gardner (121 OPS+ in 16 games, 0.2 WAR) 2. Ichiro Suzuki (95, 1.6) 3. Robinson Cano (149, 8.2) 4. Kevin Youkilis (99, 1.3) 5. Travis Hafner (121, 0.7) 6. Vernon Wells (91, 0.5) 7. Juan Rivera (81, -0.9) 8. Eduardo Nunez (96, 0.3) 9. Francisco Cervelli (.657 OPS in Triple A)

2012 WAR total: 11.9

2012 lineup on April 6 against Tampa Bay

1. Derek Jeter (114 OPS+, 2.1 WAR) 2. Curtis Granderson (116, 2.7) 3. Robinson Cano (149, 8.2) 4. Alex Rodriguez (112, 2.0) 5. Mark Teixeira (116, 3.6) 6. Nick Swisher (126, 3.5) 7. Raul Ibanez (104, 0.3) 8. Russell Martin (92, 1.5) 9. Brett Gardner (121 in 16 games, 0.2)

2012 WAR total: 24.1

Our own Brad Vietrogoski also took a quick look at the Yankees' lineup so if you missed it, check it out here. And Tamar Chalker previewed the Charleston RiverDogs which you can read right here.

Some odds and ends:

  • This is the last Monday without meaningful baseball for a really long time. So that's a good thing.
  • I really hope the Yankees defy all reasonable logic and make the playoffs just so I can tell certain fans of certain teams to go somewhere not very nice.
  • And one last thing, is it just me or does this song sound better this way?

Happy Monday!