Yankees and Red Sox join forces to honor Newtown

And now, time for a heartwarming story. The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox announced today that they will be joining up on Opening Day to honor the town of Newtown, Connecticut. The teams will dedicate their game on April 1 to the victims of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Yankees co-owner Hal Steinbrenner said in a press release: "On Opening Day, we will reflect upon more important things and play the game to honor the community of Newtown."

The teams will wear a special ribbon on their uniforms and that same ribbon - in the image to the side - will be painted on the field in front of both team's dugouts.

According to reports, MLB commissioner Bud Selig has also asked the 28 other teams don the Newtown ribbon during their Opening Day games.

Pregame ceremonies at Yankee Stadium will include joint honor guards of Newtown police and firefighters and a moment of silence - a list of the 26 Sandy Hook victims' names will be posted on the center-field video board.

Red Sox owner John W. Henry said, "As our teams look to face each other on Opening Day, we will stand united in support of the families affected as we remember and honor those who were lost."

It was also announced that the Yankees will also host "Newtown Day at Yankee Stadium" during a Yankees-Orioles game on July 7. The team invited around 3,000 Newtown residents to attend the game.

Steinbrenner added, "We hope that bringing the families of Newtown together at Yankee Stadium later in the summer will give the community an opportunity to create new memories and aid in the difficult process of moving forward."