Quick hit: Hughes throws some pitches and survives

As you can tell from the way I post, I'm a bit of a smartass. I can't help it. My late grandmother was sarcastic almost up until her dying day at 104-years-old so it's engrained in me. With that said, it seems Andy McCullough of the Star-Ledger may be a long lost relative: http://twitter.com/McCulloughSL/status/313692213689339904

So the good news is that Phil Hughes survived throwing 41 pitches in a sim game today. The fact that he showed no signs of back trouble is also good and that he will be throwing 50-55 pitches in a minor league game for his next test is even better.

Though there was a slightly scary moment in the sim game when Hughes was hit with a comebacker in the rear end. He was fine and continued pitching. Thank goodness.

I like good news from Yankees camp. I prefer it to bad news, like everyone else.