Monday morning Yankees news and notes: 3/18/12

Good morning, everyone. It's Monday March 18, 2013 and there isn't a whole lot happening today with the Yankees scheduled to enjoy a day off. Have you ever wondered what a buddy comedy starring Hiroki Kuroda and David Wells would be like? David Waldstein of the New York Times has a feature about "an unlikely friendship" between the two pitchers.

The conversation began with the right-handed Kuroda asking the left-handed Wells about his age, and from there it evolved into a general conversation about pitching philosophy and technique.

If you're like me and were out of the loop for the past few days, you're just finding out that Matt Diaz was released from the team and that Brennan Boesch is now a Yankee. Boesch had two hits and stole a base in yesterday's game against the Pirates. Don't you love Spring Training?

Former Yankee Russell Martin had some things to say about the current Yankees. He touched upon the catching situation, the injuries the team is fighting through and how different the 2013 squad's bench is.

Now, while the Yankees do not have a game scheduled, some guys aren't off today. A few notable pitchers will see some action, namely Phil Hughes, Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera:

One thing I hadn't touched upon yet that came out this weekend was the news that Mark Teixeira could possibly be out until June because of the wrist injury he sustained prior to the U.S. team's first WBC game. I'm sure there were a lot of calm, rational reactions from Yankees fans when that news came out, right? It's not like it was a surprise because that was the original estimation but the Yankees must be careful and not allow him to rush back. I don't care if the Yankees are 12 games under .500 around June 1. I'd rather have Tex be fully healthy - if that's even possible - than to have him come back and get re-injured right away. That's the last thing the Yankees need.

And more on Texieira, this column from Ken Davidoff of the New York Post. Davidoff talks about Teixeira will not fit into the Yankees' plans to lower their budget for 2014 which we already knew.

One section of the piece, in particular, stuck out to me:

Or maybe it’s as simple as this: Teixeira turns 33 next month, and like most aging players — particularly those who adamantly swear off illegal performance-enhancing drugs — he’s more injury-prone than he used to be.

What's Davidoff saying there? Is he accusing Tex of actually being a PED user and being cute about it? Why even bring that up? I know some NY columnists like to do that. Even Bill Madden said something to that effect a couple of years ago on a TV show. And what was his basis for Tex being a PED user? He's a Scott Boras client. Oh, okay.

I love New York and I love the New York sports media, don't you? Happy Monday, everyone.