Friday Yankees news and notes: 3/8/12

Good morning, everyone! It's a snowy Friday here in the NYC suburbs but it's sunny and mild in Florida where Andy Pettitte threw a simulated game and Derek Jeter batted against him. Jeter ended up grounding out and striking out against Pettitte. And as far as we know, nobody got hurt. We have good news, people! Finally! Hopefully I didn't jinx it.

As everyone knows by now, the major news from Yankee camp yesterday was that Mariano Rivera is planning on announcing his retirement from baseball. It will be effective following the 2013 season. At least, I hope so. Could you imagine if we were all sitting here thinking he was announcing he'd be done after the season and he actually comes out and says, "I'm finished now." Nah, he wouldn't do that.

Because of this news, a ton of articles, tributes and anecdotes were passed around last night and this morning. Mariano Rivera is the kind of player that everyone respects; even fans of the Yankees' biggest rivals were talking about how great he is and how they'd miss him.

Here's some of the stuff written late yesterday and this morning:

Our very own Brien Jackson wrote about Rivera's legacy this morning.

Over at Pinstriped Bible, William Juliano writes about the possible link between dwindling Spring Training attendance and lowered attendance numbers in the Bronx.

In case you missed it, my co-Editor-in-Chief Michael Eder put up a Late Night Links post early this morning/late last night - depending on how you look at it. One of the articles he linked to was this one by Bill Madden of the New York Daily News. In it, Madden talks about how GM Brian Cashman is content to sit back and wait out the Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira injuries when he probably should be. He also mentions a few possible trade targets. My favorite being Chase Headley. The reason? Because I want to be able to yell "Headley!" like Headley Lamarr of Blazing Saddles. It's the little things, folks.

And finally, if you ever wondered what I sound like, last night, I had the privilege of appearing on the Ready to Unload podcast with Cal and Sanpete. Cal and Sanpete are Mets fans but don't hold that against them. They talk about everything from sports to pop culture to condiments.

I was on for over an hour and we spoke about the Yankees, what to expect to this season, what I think of the injuries of late, my feelings on certain factions of Yankee fandom, how the AL East stacks up this year, how I came to love baseball and much, much more. We even talked about 1980's sitcoms and potato chips. You can listen to it here.

Have a safe afternoon, everyone. If you're snowed in, well, I was going to tell you to watch the Yankee game but it seems it's not on this afternoon. I guess you could watch Canada and Italy battle it out in the World Baseball Classic at 2:30 on MLB Network instead.