Quick Hit: Teixeira will miss 8-10 weeks

I was having a pretty good day until this news came across the wire. Mark Teixeira has a strained right wrist and will miss 8 to 10 weeks. He will have to rest four weeks before even beginning to rehab the wrist. I will give you time to gasp, yell, throw something, etc.

Okay. So, now that we know that Teixeira will be out for at least the first month of the season, there are many questions that need to be answered:

  • Who will take over at first base while Tex is out?
  • Who will be the next Yankee to get injured?
  • Will Tex's April woes actually happen in May instead?
  • Why are the baseball Gods being so cruel to us?
  • What will happen next?
  • A sinkhole?
  • A meteor?
  • Is this actually happening or am I dreaming?
  • Is it too early to drink a bottle of wine?

In all seriousness, it's as if the Yankees were tempting fate by not having a lot of depth on the bench and now look at what's happening. It's almost amusing at this point because it's so ludicrous.