Quick Hit: Hey, did you hear the one about Brian Cashman jumping out of a plane?

If you didn't, here's the gist: Yankees' GM Brian Cashman jumped from a plane, twice and he hurt himself doing it. It was for a good cause - the Wounded Warriors - but the result wasn't that great for Cashman who seems to have suffered an ankle fracture on his second landing. He was taken to the hospital and reports from there are that it's a compound fracture. They're even saying that his bone was sticking out.

Now, those reports have not been confirmed yet but what is known is that Cashman did jump out of a plane twice and that he didn't quite stick the landing on the second attempt.

So will Cashman land on the 30-day or 60-day DL? We'll let you know.

UPDATE: Ken Davidoff tweeted that Cashman said there was no bone protruding from his leg. Thank goodness. But that it is probably broken.