New York Yankees off-day madness: Planes, broken ankles, deleted tweets and merging blogs

There was no game today for the men in pinstripes - they had a day off but that doesn't mean there was a shortage of New York Yankees news. First and perhaps the strangest story that came out today was GM Brian Cashman's broken ankle. Not that a broken ankle is an oddity, I broke my left ankle in college and Derek Jeter broke his left ankle last season but neither one of us did it while jumping out of a plane. Cashman was doing the jump for charity and on his second jump, landed awkwardly, breaking his right ankle. The funniest detail of the story, at least to me, was Cashman texting the beat writers to tell them what happened while adding, "It was awesome."

The reactions to the news varied. Some people were really upset with Cashman and I totally get it. How are we going to handle this season without Cashman in left fi-- oh right, he doesn't actually play baseball so it's perfectly okay that he broke his ankle. His jumping out of an airplane for charity doesn't reflect badly on the organization, no matter what some people think. And he can always borrow the scooter Jeter used in his house over the Winter while he was recuperating from his ankle surgery.

Another amazing result of the Cashman/plane/broken ankle story was a Twitter exchange between Wally Matthews of ESPN New York and Yankees reliever Joba Chamberlain.

Matthews, who is known for being a bit, um, well, a bit on the extremely snarky side tweeted about how if Cashman had landed on Joba he'd be okay. Do you guys get it?! It's because Joba is so chunky! Joba, to his credit, retweeted Matthews' offending tweet and added a sarcastic, "Hahaha so funny." to it. Then Matthews tweeted that he hoped Joba would find it funny. He even called him bro so everything is okay, right?

Hmm, well, someone didn't think it was that funny because Mr. Matthews deleted the tweet not too long after the exchange. But since this is the internet and the internet is forever, here it is:


I just happened to retweet Joba's tweet as soon as I saw it because I thought to myself, "Good for him."

It's one thing to rip the players you cover when they're not on Twitter to defend themselves like Alex Rodriguez and A.J. Burnett, who only just joined Twitter this past offseason. By the way what a smart move by him to wait until he got to Pittsburgh before joining the social media network. Could you imagine the tweets he would have gotten in 2011? I shudder to even think about it. Anyway, back to Mr. Matthews and his tweets. People keep telling me how nice he is in "real life" and how I shouldn't pick on him but then he does stuff like this and it makes me wonder about him. He acts like an internet troll disguised as a beat writer and it's just so odd to me.

Okay, enough about that.

What did you think of our first day as the newly formed IIATMS/TYA?

Personally, I think it was great. We had a lot of content for you and it was diverse, well-written and we even had gifs of Ivan Nova's new mechanics! I am really jazzed about what's to come this season and if today was any indication, you should be, too.

Of course, feel free to leave comments with any suggestions you may have for us: what you like, what you don't like, etc.