Jose Cano would prefer Robinson remain a Yankee

Jose Cano, who is the bullpen coach for the Dominican Republic's WBC team, spoke with reporters from Steinbrenner Field where the squad was conducting workouts and said that he'd like for his son Robinson to remain with the New York Yankees for life. Cano told reporters, "I don't think the (Yankees) are going to let him go. I talk to him every day and we are still waiting." he added, "I wish he can be here forever. I don't think he will feel comfortable (leaving)," Cano said. "I hope he can be a Yankee forever."

The elder Cano just wants the ordeal to end and he'd like for his son to have a deal in place sooner rather than later. "I hope something happens soon, he will feel better. I know he will sign for six or seven years."

Will he? I've said this before but the whole 'Robinson Cano is a Scott Boras client' situation scares me a lot. But you never know, they have said they're willing to listen to any offers the Yankees may have in place so hopefully Cano won't even hit free agency.

And let's also hope that in this case that Mr. Cano knows best.