Announcement: IIATMS and The Yankee Analysts have merged!


Big day in IIATMS history, friends.  Huge.

Effective immediately, IIATMS and The Yankee Analysts have merged!

It's with tremendous pride that the incredible team at TYA have agreed to join us here at IIATMS to help deliver what we believe will be the most complete, cohesive and entertaining Yankees-centric site around.

A merger of IIATMS and TYA has been long viewed as inevitable, with the earliest discussions going back to late 2010, although the timing wasn’t right back then. Moshe Mandel, Larry Koestler and I have always viewed ourselves more as colleagues than competitors, each with a healthy respect for one another and the efforts each has put into developing the sites and their followings. We are here, now, proudly together, to bring you the very best in Yankees news, analysis and discussion. We thank you for your continued readership and support.

Best, Moshe, Larry, Jason and the entire staffs of IIATMS and TYA




Over the next bit of time, we will be bringing everything and everyone that made TYA an absolute analyst powerhouse over here. At some point soon, we will update the look and feel here but for now, we're going to take this in steps, with an updated banner to reflect our joint domain as Step One. We have also added some concepts borrowed from TYA, such as the masthead to the right and a full history page so everyone is aware of who is here and how we all got here! We have also imported TYA's entire history of posts.

So how DID we get here, anyways? I launched It’s About The Money, Stupid in late 2007 following several heated discussions with my father and brother regarding the then-newly signed Alex Rodriguez contract extension. With a goal of finding just 10 readers who would regularly read the blog, the site began to grow and gain a measure of regular readership. As 10s became 100s which became 1000s, Rob Neyer selected IIATMS (an acronym from early friend of the blog, Craig Calcaterra, when the name was "It IS About The Money, Stupid") to be his flagship Yankees site on ESPN’s SweetSpot network in 2009, riding the wave of the Yankees’ 27th World Series title. IIATMS remained an affiliate of ESPN until deciding to leave after the 2011 season. IIATMS then joined the SNY Network as their sole Yankees site.  The IIATMS team has been featured in publications and radio shows around the country, particularly with regards to their unflinching demands regarding safety on the field, namely with shattering bats. Supremely talented people like Tamar Chalker, Larry Behrendt, Anna McDonald, Hippeaux, Josh Weinstock, Jesse Douglas-Mathewson, Chip Buck, Mark Smith, The Common Man, Will Moller and others all helped make IIATMS one of the best, rational, thought-provoking Yankees destinations around. IIATMS is extremely proud and grateful of the legacy of these various contributors who have decided to write for the site, honing their craft and elevating the level of discourse across the board.

I turned over the day-to-day control of the site to Brien Jackson in 2011, when work simply became too much of a barrier to adequately covering the news cycles. Brien deftly managed IIATMS from 2011 through early 2013, when he handed the reins to Stacey Gotsulias, who had joined the staff in 2012. Stacey has taken the role of co-Editor-in-Chief in an enthusiastic and seamless manner. Throughout most of this ride, Tamar has been with me, handling all things from game recaps to her significant expansion of minors coverage. And while he prefers to remain behind the curtain, I can't overestimate the advice and counsel that my tech guru has provided, helping me through innumerable hurdles and glitches that were far beyond my abilities. I cannot thank you guys enough.

It was in late 2010 when I engaged Moshe and Larry in some discussions about possibly merging. With my work situation changing and, at the time, no one to handle the day-to-day, adding their smarts seemed like a good idea. Timing wasn't right for them and they soon handed their reins to TYA over and took roles at River Ave. Blues, the gorilla in the Yanks blogosphere, lead by some really good, smart guys (here's to you: Ben, Mike, Joe) who run a fantastic site.

As our leadership transferred from Brien to Stacey, who also wrote for TYA, that commonality rekindled those discussions from 2010. Quickly, Moshe, Mike Eder and I began talking about what the combination should look like. It did not take long as the three of us were pretty much on the same page from the get-go.

Mike, Matt Imbrogno and Stacey will be our co-Editors-in-Chief, each continuing to handle the different aspects of a complete Yankees coverage. Our team at IIATMS will remain intact, with Tamar and William in the fold. Hopefully, this combination will even bring back some of our prior contributors (hint, guys)! We will be joined by EJ Fagan, Mike Jaggers-Radolf, Brad Vietrogoski and Domenic Lanza. I am honored to have them join us.

And to you, the readers: Thank you! I started this to engage and have fun and you guys have delivered your side of that equation. I hope this change only fortifies your belief in us. Please let us know what you like, don't like, what we do right and where we fall down. Thanks for keeping us honest.

- Jason


Below is the list of Twitter handles for everyone here. At some point, we will migrate the master Twitter handle from mine to @IIATMS, so please add that to your follows, along with those below: