Monday Morning Yankees links: 2/25/12

Good morning everyone. Hopefully you're doing better than I am at the moment. I have a bit of an Oscars hangover and already feel like I need a nap. But things could be worse, we could be poor Curtis Granderson. Obviously, his injury is what everyone's talking about today and while I did post some links about it, I tried to include other Yankees news - not that there is much, it's all doom, gloom and Granderson's broken forearm.

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  • Spring begins with a bad break - Wall Street Journal
  • Fractured arm leaves Grand canyon until May -
  • Impact of & Effects of C-Grand's Fractured Forearm - An A-Blog For A-Rod
  • The most overrated players of all-time - Beyond the Boxscore (I included this because there are Yankee players mentioned.)
  • In case you missed it this weekend: Yankees prospect Heathcott bounces back from past trouble -
  • Comparing Youkilis' new batting stance - The Yankee Analysts
  • Curtis Granderson's broken arm presents outfield problem for Yankees that they need to solve - NY Daily News

As soon as the word emerged that Granderson was going to be sidelined for 10 weeks, I'll admit, I was pretty upset. Everyone's initial reaction was a word that began with "f". But now that I've had some sleep and have thought about it, it's not that bad. It's not great by any means but it's definitely not the end of the world and I will not let the negative articles I've seen this morning put me in a gloomy mood.

Granderson will only be out a month and while, yes, the lineup is looking a tad powerless without him in it, it's not like the Yankees are made of only replacement level players. I wrote in a post late last night on my other Yankee blog which said that fans should probably calm down a bit and I think the same goes for the media. It's still February, the Yankees have time to evaluate the outfield situation and if things aren't looking good in a couple of weeks, maybe they'll make a move.

Let's look at this in a positive way, it gives some of the kids who weren't expecting to see much playing time, even in Spring Training, a chance to show off for the Yankees' coaches and management. That could be exciting to watch for all of us.