Comparing Youkilis' New Batting Stance

Over a month ago, Kevin Youkilis and Kevin Long met up at the third baseman's home in California to discuss changes to his batting stance. In an interview with Jack Curry, Youkilis explained the changes to YES network's Yankees Access.

Now that we have a broadcasted Spring Training game under our belts, we get to witness the stance in a game situation, and compare it to last year's.

There isn't a major visual difference from this camera angle, but I do see three things. He is taking a more athletic stance and keeping his knees bent, the stride is somewhat less exaggerated, and he's reduced some movement in his hands.

Though he didn't get a hit yesterday, he made his presence known with two deep flyballs and a sharp line drive to third base. Chad Jennings at LoHud has more on how Youkilis felt about taking his new mechanics out of batting practice and into yesterday's game.