Today's Yankees Lineup: 2/24/12

It's Sunday morning, it's February and there will be Yankees baseball on our TV's this afternoon. Yes, you're allowed to be giddy about it. It doesn't matter that the game itself doesn't count. You will see some changes in the Yankees' lineup today. Mainly, that most of the regulars are there and that the defensive alignment in the outfield has been altered. They're trying out the Granderson in left, Gardner in right experiment which will be interesting to watch.

The game is scheduled to start around 1:05 p.m. You can catch it locally on YES and nationally on the MLB Network.

YANKEES Gardner 8 Ichiro 9 Cano 4 Teixeira 3 Granderson 7 Youkilis 5 Hafner dh Nunez 6 Stewart 2

Warren 1