Some weekend Yankees news and notes: 2/23/12

Good afternoon, Yankee fans. As you know, the New York Yankees will be playing the Atlanta Braves in Orlando this afternoon and it's the first Spring Training game for the boys in Pinstripes. Today's game isn't going to be televised but if you visit's media center, you can listen to it!

Here are some links for you to look at on this dreary winter day - at least it's dreary here in the Northeast:

  • It looks like the Yankees are embracing their Evil Empire moniker, at least according to this story in the Wall Street Journal. The Yankees are suing to trademark "Evil Empire" at least in regards to baseball. I love this and think they should go all out. I've actually been saying for years that the Yankees should play the Imperial March for their lineup and not for opposition's. Embrace the evil, guys, like Vader strangling people with the force.
  • Yankees reliever Nick Goody arrived to camp this morning on crutches. He sprained his ankle and from what Chad Jennings heard, it happened in a car wreck. Goody was the Yankees' sixth round draft pick last year.
  • Derek Jeter practiced on-the-field running and did some agility drills for the first time since his ankle surgery last Fall. He was at Steinbrenner Field with the rest of the players who didn't travel to Orlando for today's game.
  • In case you missed it, I posted today's lineup. The ways you can tell it's a Spring Training game: Robinson Cano is batting second and Mark Teixeira is the only other regular in the lineup. Eduardo Nunez is also in Orlando to take on the Braves. Both Cano (Dominican Republic) and Teixeira (U.S.A) are participating in the World Baseball Classic.
  • And finally, the best story to come out today: Alex Rodriguez and Lady Gaga have the same hip surgeon and according to Page Six of the New Yorrk Post, Rodriguez lent some emotional support to Miss Gaga who is having the same hip procedure he had in January. Is there anything better than the "news" that comes out during Spring Training, especially where Rodriguez is concerned? The other day it was oysters and sweatpants, today it's Lady Gaga. I'm a little worried about what will be next.